We build Ecom
Supply Chains

INN is a consulting agency specializing in eCommerce logistics. We help online store owners and operators build a solid data-based logistics backbone to grow and scale their global business.

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We offer Logistics Services, Coaching and Education on three levels


Focus on results ownership and proactive long-term Supply Chain development.

Services include:

  • Supply Chain strategy
  • Supply Chain innovation
  • People, process, systems
  • Market trends
  • New technologies
  • Strategic decisions support
  • and more ...
  • Tactical

    Focus on acceleration of overall best value (revenue, cost, time) with our unique consulting mechanism.

    Services include:

  • Out-of-Stock (OSS) reduction
  • Shipping service level optimization
  • Outsourcing decisions
  • ROI calculations
  • Import/Customs setup
  • and more ...
  • Operational

    Focus on automation of recurring manual tasks, e.g. using Supply Chain bots.

    Services include:

  • Order Fulfillment
  • Carrier Quotation and Bookings
  • Inventory Planning
  • Safety stock optimization
  • Economic Order Quantities (EOQ)
  • Reporting & KPIs
  • and more ...
  • Ecommerce Logistics For The Modern Brand

    A world-class delivery experience with fast and low-cost shipping is key for any successful ecommerce business. At the same time, efficient order fulfillment with global inventory distribution at competitive prices is hard to achieve – even for the big players.

    For thousands of small and medium businesses around the world it is unreachable.

    We are changing that.

    Meet INN – Ecommerce Logistics that converts your leads with smart global product distribution.

    Looking To Work With Us?

    We have recently started up our engines, filling up client seats¬†with limited capacity. Why? We want to make sure to have enough time for the people who trust us to work with One-on-One and be able to respond to individual requests. If that sounds good to you and you are interested in working with us, please tell us a bit more about you and your business, and we’ll be in touch.

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