We Build And Operate eCommerce Supply Chains

INN is a consulting agency and 4PL specializing in eCommerce logistics.

We help online store owners and operators deploy a solid and reliable data-based logistics backbone to grow and scale their global business.

Using INN Logistics allows our European customers to purchase our goods at a reasonable cost, and most importantly, it makes them feel welcome in our community.

Dean Pohlman

Founder and CEO of Man Flow Yoga

We Offer Services and Coaching for Your

Supply Chain Strategy, Tactics and Operation


How about finally getting a good night sleep, knowing that all of your Supply Chain worries are in good hands? We are your virtual Head of Supply Chain, complementing your CEO or COO, adding 10+ years of industry experience to your team, having worked with some of the top brands in the world.


  • Results-oriented, long-term ownership of the entire Supply Chain
  • Pro-active and continuous identification of optimization potential
  • Ensuring eyes & ears on latest research, market and tech trends


Tired of stock-outs during peak season? Customers complaining about long shipping times? Looking to expand to new markets with outsourcing decisions to be made? With our unique supply chain framework and pre-packaged offers, we analyze, simulate and optimize your supply chain with a laser-focus on your business objectives.


Repetitive manual tasks can wear you out quickly. Do you feel that constant firefighting is holding you back from serving your customers? We establish and automate processes to operate your Supply Chain from A-Z, using a healthy balance of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and automation technology.

About INN

Hey everyone, here's a quick personal message from me, so you know the WHY and the WHO behind INN.

We’re on a mission to liberate global distribution of physical goods for every seller.

Daniel Koelsch

Founder at INN Logistics

I founded INN to help small and midsize eCommerce businesses get access to three things: Logistics know-how, a network of partners, and technology. From over 15 years as a practicing consultant in Supply Chain Management, I have seen first-hand how multi-national billion-dollar companies struggle with these things. A world-class delivery experience with fast and low-cost shipping is key for any successful eCommerce business. At the same time, efficient order fulfillment with global inventory distribution at competitive prices is hard to achieve – even for the big players. For thousands of small and medium businesses around the world it is unreachable. My mission is to change that, so my clients can make a positive impact on their consumer's lives.

Since 2011 I have helped some of the most recognized brands in the world to build reliable supply chain architectures and automate logistics operations using technology, saving my clients millions of dollars. I have worked with, and consulted companies like Nespresso, Daimler, PUMA and Novartis.

I am holding a master's degree in Business Information Technology, majored in Supply Chain Management, from University of Mannheim, Germany. I am also holding a guest lecturing mandate at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland.

I live in Zürich, Switzerland, with my wife. We enjoy hiking and skiing the Swiss Alps.

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We’re on a mission to liberate global distribution of physical goods for every seller.